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Social Media Marketing Unleashing New Business Successes

Social Media Marketing Unleashing New Business Successes

We have all heard statistics about social media use in Australia increasing, 10.4 million Australians are on Facebook and it is said smart phones will be the primary business tool by the end of 2013. Goodbye laptops. But what does this mean for you as a new business owner and what impact can it have on your marketing results in the early days? Let’s Explore.

At Social Media Business Boosters, a new social media marketing franchise owned by Max Collins, the primary goal for our franchisees is to help business owners take advantage of the social media marketing revolution. We teach our franchisees how to gain maximum marketing exposure through all the big social networks and to how to build a relevant target audience for all their clients. Our franchisees then consult with businesses of all sizes and industries and manage their on-going social media marketing campaigns.

You can do it in your own business too!

If, however, you are one of the few who still needs convincing as to why social media marketing is so important then consider the following:

  • Facebook traffic is much higher than website traffic. In May 2011 Coca-Cola received over 22 million hits to their facebook page and less than 1 million to their website! That’s because the marketing landscape has changed. Push marketing is not be accepted the way it used to be. It’s now about creating dialogue and engaging with your target marketing.
  • It’s possible to find a target market easily and quickly on social networks.
  • Google ranks social media conversation highly! It’s called ‘social discovery’. Every conversation some else has about you or your business counts. Its personal recommendations captured and utilised to their full potential.
  • Social Media marketing is low cost compared to off-line marketing campaigns
  • Social media sites are completely free to use!
  • Online marketing is all about being found easily online in as many places as possible by a wide audience. How is your website being found?
  • On social media the playing field for all businesses is the same. Nobody gets a better deal because their business is larger or more established.

For a new franchise business you would have to be crazy not to explore it!

What Social Media Platforms Should Your Business Start On?

Social Media Business Booster franchisees are trained across all the big players in social media. These include facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Foursquare and measurement tools like Google Analytics and Bitly. This allows our franchisee to offer complete social media marketing strategies to all our clients. If you want your business to have a broad presence on social media and be found easily by a number of audiences then Social Media Business Boosters recommends you explore all these major social media networks to determine which ones are right for your business.

What Will Make You Stand Out From The Crowd?

Many businesses make fundamental errors when starting on social media. To maintain an on-going successful strategy Social Media Business Boosters recommends:

  • Consistency and planning all the way. Plan key messages, campaigns and conversations starters in advance and execute them daily! Starting and stopping will get you nowhere.
  • Integrate online and offline marketing where ever possible.
  • Focus on conversation and remember to ask questions at the end of all status updates and provide content of interest to your target market and adds value to them.
  • Determine your goals and objectives clearly before taking action.

What’s the reality?

Successful social media marketing derives great results but it’s only successful if you put the required time in consistently every day. This is where many social media strategies fall over. If you don’t have the knowledge or time required you can’t ignore this important component of your business marketing – it’s time to outsource it to some who knows what they are doing.

This is where Social Media Business Booster franchisees come in and why the franchise has grown so fast in the last 8 months! Social Media Business Boosters strategically and consistently manage social media marketing on behalf of busy business owners who don’t have the time for it.

Social Media Business Boosters is a unique business opportunity and has been developed like no other. If you’ve been looking for your next move but haven’t been excited by anything, then this franchise opportunity may be for you. It has a low entry cost, very few overheads and can be managed from home.

There are thousands of Businesses and Business Owners who need a social media manager to take away the hassle of doing Social Media, and just deliver results. That’s what we do!

Make no mistake - for the right people Social Media Business Boosters is - quite simply - one of the best opportunities in Australia today. It is an amazing business, with extraordinary rewards, and huge growth potential.

Meredith Collins
07 55 778 166

Author:Meredith Collins - Social Media Business Boosters

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