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Social Media; The Online Future of Your Business

Written on the 24 October 2011 by Zadro Communications

Social Media; The Online Future of Your Business

Have you created your business a Facebook page?

Tweeting daily on Twitter?

Set up a profile on Linked in?

Think you've got social media covered for your business?

Guess again, Social Media is growing faster all the time, let us show you how to use these key marketing tools! The first step to social media is Planning!

Who are you targeting?

What do you want to achieve through these sites?

How do you want your business perceived?

We also recommend that you implement a 'Social Media Policy', with Do's and Don'ts, as a guide line for your employees to follow. Here are some tips to the three big Social Media Sites:


A micro blogging site with 1.9 million Australia users; capable of posting text, videos, images or even podcasts, keep in mind it has a 140 character limit. Twitter is excellent for up-to-date news, celebrity gossip and promotions. Following the right people on twitter is key; trade media, influencers, associations to your business, and remember, only follow companies that follow you, if they are relevant!  Start your tweets with these useful tools: 

  •  # Hash Tags - Used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. Use them as part of a conversation, create your own and join conversations.
  •  @Mentions - When a Twitter update contains @username in the body, they are talking to you directly. When someone @mentions you then you should consider retweeting their mention or responding to them.
  •  Retweet - Sharing someone else's Tweet with your Twitter following. This is a great way to pass knowledge to your audience and show thought leadership.
  • Tweet times - Recommended times to Tweet are 8.30am, 12.30pm and 5pm. Consider repeating your tweets; the same message just in a different context. 



An online community with 10.4 million Australian users, providing you with the opportunity create Pages for your business. Facebook allows you to share information, news and promotions via text, videos and images. Facebook is an avenue to connect with your clients and customers, interact and create discussions. Get the conversation started with these Facebook pointers:

  • Post about interesting news stories that are 'on-brand'.
  • Don't make unreasonably long posts unless they are highly topical and informative, many people view posts from mobile devices. Over posting could annoy your audience especially on mobile devices as the news feed displays differently.
  • Recommended posting times: 9am, midday or 5pm. Capturing the working audience and mobile traffic to and from work. Note: It's not advisable for most companies to post 3 times every day; think quality not quantity.
  • Facebook etiquette: Like the pages that are liking you, see what is on their wall and share their news with your audience.


LinkedIn is a business-minded social networking site with 2 million Australia users who have the goal of generating solid business relationships. Build your corporate profile and interact with other professionals locally, nationally and internationally. We believe LinkedIn is a site that is being under-utilized; here are some tips to on how to use LinkedIn:

  • Personal Page:  Showcase yourself and your skills.
  • Connect with your peers/people you have worked with.
  • Write recommendations and ask to be recommended. Company Page
  • Set-up or join your company page.
  • Follow companies that are related to your business such as suppliers, associations, ambassadors and business connections, to keep up with their news.
  • Group Pages  Join up to relevant groups in your industry.
  • Participate in relevant discussions offering your opinion and insight.
  • Start a discussion on a relevant business group page.
  • Follow competitors companies to see what they are doing. Real-time marketing tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others can be overwhelming and confusing at times. However Social Media can be an important marketing channel that you don't want to miss out on. Use these free marketing instruments to convey your existing strategies and messages as an extension of your brand.

Contact the Zadro team and we can certainly put together a strategy for a 10 week plan to get you started. 02 9212 7867 

Author:Zadro Communications

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