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Eco-friendly Fantasea Adventure Cruising adopts local waterless carwash

Written on the 28 July 2008

Eco-friendly Fantasea Adventure Cruising adopts local waterless carwash

With environmental concerns a priority for many locals nowadays, tourism and transport operator Fantasea Adventure Cruising has made a commitment to doing their bit to help the environment. In fact, they have just been presented with the Environmental Commitment Certificate by local waterless carwash operator Mick Holman.

Fantasea Adventure Cruising has long been committed to sustainable operation and protecting the environment, with CEO Hume Campbell setting up the Fantasea Foundation in 2006. The Foundation is dedicated to promoting and encouraging ecologically-responsible and sustainable tourism within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and actively assists in the conservation of the Marine Park with its scientific research and environmental monitoring programs.

Not content to stop there, they have now enlisted local waterless carwash operator Mick Holman of the Australian global success story ecowash mobile to maintain their fleet of administration vehicle on a regular basis – using no water at all.

“Water conservation is such an important issue here and the absence of rain makes it even more pressing” said Mr Campbell.

“We want to do the right thing by the environment and we also see ourselves as leading by example, hopefully inspiring others to follow suit.” 

Mr Holman uses a 2-in-1 polymer that actually encapsulates the dirt and lifts it off the paint without any scratches. It leaves the car looking like new and leaves a fine film that offers extra protection from the elements, making it easier to clean the next time and reducing the risk of sun-stains as is common with water washes.

“A lot of people here use bore water and as it is rich in minerals, it often leaves a milky residue that can actually set into the duco and glass when left in the burning sun,” he said.

“Not only is the biodegradable polymer better for the car and in maintaining its value, but we really shouldn’t waste such a scarce resource as water to hose our cars with as it is really not as abundant as we may think,” he added.

“Desalination plants and water conservation measures have been addressed and funded by the Rudd government with a $12.9 million commitment as part of the new budget, reiterating just how important water conservation is.”

Mick’s waterless car wash saves between 70 – 180 litres per waterless car wash on average. So, if everyone just substituted one wash with a waterless one, literally tons of water would be saved locally.

A standard exterior ecowash treatment costs only $35 and best of all he comes to you – at home or at work.

Find out more about ecowash franchise opportunities here.

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