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The Interface Financial Group

The Interface Financial Group (IFG) franchisees buy invoices at a discount from businesses, to provide immediate short-term working capital, and get paid 100% of the value when due.

Franchise Details
Name:The Interface Financial Group
Concept:IFG provides short-term working capital funding
Investment:$50,000 - $100,000
Term:5 Years
The Interface Financial Group FranchisesThe Interface Financial Group FranchisesThe Interface Financial Group FranchisesThe Interface Financial Group FranchisesThe Interface Financial Group FranchisesThe Interface Financial Group Franchises

The Interface Financial Group IFG 50-50 entered the Australian market with a proven system and business model based on over 40 years of experience in invoice discounting (spot factoring).

IFG is an international organisation, established in 1972, which now has over 150 offices operating in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand & Singapore. The Interface Financial Group provides short-term working capital to SME owners through a unique spot factoring program, whereby Interface franchisees purchase invoices at a discount, effectively making their clients’ invoices “cash-on-delivery” sales. The client receives immediate cash and the franchisee receives an above-average return on investment.
To complement this well-established brand Interface has now introduced a second Opportunity - IFG 50-50.
The IFG 50-50 franchise offers all the same great benefits as the “standard” IFG franchise, but with some very significant differences!
· All transactions are syndicated 50-50 with IFG so less working capital required

  •  IFG does the bulk of the due diligence and the paperwork for the transactions
  •  IFG offers a Capital Leverage Program to their franchisees
  • FG 50-50 is for those candidates wanting to enter the financial services industry with less investment and capital resources.

All IFG franchisees have a solid, proven business background, excellent communication skills, are decision makers and problem solvers, and, above all, have the ability to successfully build relationships.

ADVANTAGES of an IFG Franchise

All franchisees benefit from a large number of advantages with the Interface franchise, including:

  • Realistic investment level
  • Exceptional training and ongoing support• A business without employees, stock, storefronts, long hours, or extensive travel
  •  Being a positive force in the economic growth of the local community
  •  Being in control of income potential
  •  Being a part of a World-Class Franchise – in 2013 Interface received World-Class Franchise certification from The Franchise Research Institute for the eighth consecutive year

The time is right. Australian businesses need working capital, and Interface franchisees can provide it while operating their own business with an excellent return on their working capital, and being in control of their own time and lifestyle.

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