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[Habit] - Home And Building Inspection Team

In this current economy... as a building company, you need to stay one step ahead of your competition to get more work and remain profitable. - Discover How Other Builders Are Tapping into a hidden source of ongoing highly qualified building work. - Free up more time for you or your management team and get the important things done - Discov

Franchise Details
Name:[Habit] - Home And Building Inspection Team
Concept:Building Inspections
Investment:$0 - $50,000
Turnover:120,000 - 500,000
[Habit] - Home And Building Inspection Team[Habit] - Home And Building Inspection Team[Habit] - Home And Building Inspection Team[Habit] - Home And Building Inspection Team[Habit] - Home And Building Inspection Team[Habit] - Home And Building Inspection Team

 “Find Out How to Tap a Hidden Source of On-Going, Qualified Work.”

“Learn The Closely Guarded Secrets, The Best Builders In Your City Are Using To Earn... $200-$300 Per Hour, Without Ever Picking Up A Tool”

My name is Peter Duncan, and if you’d like to know how to quickly and easily add an extra six figures to your bottom line, simply by leveraging what you already know... and in addition, open up a constant stream of highly qualified, ready to start building projects... I can show you exactly how to do it.

This may sound like just another overinflated claim, but as you‘ll see from the results below it’s easily achieved.

As a struggling building company for a number of years... and being a builder yourself, you probably know how hard it is to manage everything. We were constantly spinning plates...we knew we were leaking profits in areas we couldn’t get to, until we finally discovered a way to plug the holes, simply by putting in place a system that leveraged the knowledge we had built up over the years in the building game....And, we think it’s something that every building company should know about to gain an unfair advantage.

Since putting the right elements in place, we quickly added an extra six figures to our bottom line, we opened up a hidden and valuable source of new work from highly qualified homeowners. By tapping this hidden resource, we’ve been able to gain full control over our production crew and pricing, it’s given us time back to concentrate on being more profitable.

It has taken a huge amount of trial and error to get the formula right ...and finally, when we did, the new profit centre shot up by an amazing 161% in less than three months; over the same period, we picked up an extra $30,000 of new projects. The new profit centre went from making $2,000 per month to $16,000 per month consistently... and in addition, brings in hundreds of fresh new project leads per year. The work is highly profitable, thanks to the systems we have perfected and gives us an extreme level of flexibility.

Other builders that are using our system have been highly successful, so don’t just take our word for it, read the evidence below.

“When we started, it didn’t take us long to get straight into it. It was pretty much an instant success, so much so, we bought four more licenses after 12 months. By following the Fast Start Guide we got off to an instant profitable start. We couldn’t have asked for a better investment and group of fantastic members to share our knowledge with”

Deb & Stu 

So here’s what we do: We provide you with a highly flexible, easy to use system that brings in instant income. It gives you the option of gaining an extra resource to help free up your time to plug your loss centres.

We’ve packaged everything up so it’s easy to implement and designed not to interfere in normal day to day business activities... if you don’t want it to.
It comes with our exclusive and totally unique ‘Fast Start Guide’ with proven and tested methods that can immediately generate $7,000 in the first few weeks of kicking off.

We’ll show exactly how one of guys is bringing in $130k a year and only spends 13 hours a week doing to it.

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Peter Duncan
Team Habit


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