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Total Waterproofing Supplies

A TWS franchise allows you to tap into the best waterproofing retail model in Australia. Couple with that, you will be able to utilize the tried and tested systems and operating procedures that have been improved upon and finely tuned over the years. With the backing of Australia’s widest range of waterproofing products and all of TWS’

Franchise Details
Name:Total Waterproofing Supplies
Concept:A one stop shop for waterproofing products and accessories
Location:Australia Wide
Investment:$100,000 - $250,000
Listed by:Bruce McIver
Total Waterproofing Supplies (TWS)Total Waterproofing Supplies (TWS)Total Waterproofing Supplies (TWS)Total Waterproofing Supplies (TWS)Total Waterproofing Supplies (TWS)Total Waterproofing Supplies (TWS)

Statutory bodies require that waterproofing has to be carried out in all buildings, generating a steady demand
for waterproofing services and products. This is where TWS are the industry leaders. 1 in 3 homes have water problems, and this is where our advice and expertise in a niche market sets TWS apart from other retailers. TWS provides the right products with the right advice.

Why should you be interested in a TWS Franchise?

  • Comprehensive ongoing support - Provided by professionals and industry experts
  • Access to the widest range of waterproofing products and supplies in Australia
  • Access to unique TWS branded products not available elsewhere
  • Documented Systems and Procedures
  • Established reputation and Brand
  • Tiered Royalty structure to encourage and foster franchise growth and success
  • Simple but effective business model which has been proven over time
  • Ongoing demand for waterproofing products
  • You are granted your own generously sized exclusive territory.
  • You have the possibility of operating multiple TWS operations within your exclusive territory
  • Relatively low start up and operating costs
  • Our unique Stock Return policy means that you don’t get caught with stock you don’t need or can’t sell
  • Package Components

There are 15 key components of the TWS FranchisePackage:
1. Training
2. Comprehensive Operations Manual
3. Established Brand
4. Exclusive Territory
5. Store Site flexibility
6. Store Fit Out and Equipment support
7. Electronic stock control and reporting system
8. Pooled Central Marketing Fund
9. Marketing Resources
10. Public Website
11. 1300 Central Phone Number
12. Electronic Purchasing and Distribution system
13. Australia’s largest network of Waterproofing suppliers
14. Regular Franchisee Communication and Input
15. Ongoing Support and New Product Development/Acquisition


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